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GXP Xplorer is a revolutionary data management application that makes it easy to locate, retrieve, and share geospatial data, wherever it is.

GXP Xplorer minimizes time spent searching for data. Analysts spend more than 50% of their time locating products to get the job done — time better spent actually performing analysis and getting the intelligence to those who need it most.


GXP Xplorer® provides a convenient way to manage and access images, terrain, features, maps, charts, videos, reports, Microsoft Office® files, GeoPDF® files, unstructured text, and virtually any type of data. Geospatial, temporal, free-text, or advanced metadata searches are performed across multiple data stores with a single query without switching between systems.


Using dynamic discovery techniques, GXP Xplorer crawls the enterprise network for files in existing data systems, on shared network drives, and in an analyst’s local shoebox. The crawler reads the properties, internal metadata, and text from both structured and unstructured files and indexes the information into a powerful search engine catalog. It identifies files where it finds them without moving them and builds an online catalog for easy retrieval.


The catalog is searchable through GXP Xplorer Web, mobile, and workflow improvement applications to produce geotagged search results graphically on a map and textually within a list with attributes. Data can be visualized, downloaded, processed, or opened directly into other applications.

GXP Xplorer

GXP’s mobile apps extend the power of GXP Xplorer into the field.

GXP Xplorer Mobile

GXP Xplorer Snap


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