Tactical, real-time command and control to first responders in the field.


The GXP OnScene mobile application allows incident command and responders in the field to work from a common operating picture for maximum efficiency and shared geospatial awareness at the scene of an event or crisis.


Leveraging the power of the GXP Platform and the advanced image exploitation capabilities of SOCET GXP®, GXP OnScene displays a tactical, customizable Grid Reference Graphic (GRG) overlay on top of up-to-date, personalized maps for ease-of-communication and enhanced interoperability. The location of personnel is displayed on the map using device GPS, providing responders with situational awareness and allowing the command center to coordinate and direct personnel in real-time.


GXP OnScene also works directly with SOCET GXP to create reports and products with integrated geospatial reference for use during investigations and for post-incident reports. Products can be stored in the GXP Xplorer®catalog and shared or used for further analysis.


With GXP OnScene you will be able to:


  • Plan and prepare for an event or crisis

  • Report from or recreate a scene

  • Create a unified command post where multiple agencies collaborate and share responsibility of the incident

  • Enable communication between ground personnel and aerial support to report back to the unified command post

  • Provide direction for personnel on scene

  • Locate personnel as situations evolve

  • Coordinate mobile responders via GRG

  • Share maps and location data in real-time