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Vision Turns Into Reality

Formed by a team of expert SW engineers & Geo-Spatial data scientists, IIT specializes in developing state of the art systems and products for image analytics, digital mapping and GIS.


About Image Information Technologies

Based on its proven experience, IIT has gained in the last several years the position of a highly regarded research and development center in the areas of photogrammetry and geo-spatial data fusion.

In summary, IIT`s strength lies in its unique capabilities of utilizing spatial image analysis for improving location-based decision making.

What Do We Do

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From In-Sight to Insights

IIT's main domain of expertise is being multidisciplinary sensor modelling (RGB, Lidar, MS/HS, SAR, etc.) enabling ultra-accurate, high-resolution, 3D products.

Our Spatial X-Factor

We are presently conducting several prestigious research and development efforts in the area of Geo-Spatial AI.


We offer CI/CD pipelines for automatic train, test and deployment of Machine Learning SOTA models from the fields of : computer vision, photogrammetry and 3D dense scene reconstruction.


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Tel Aviv, Israel

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