Formed in 1996 by BAE SYSTEMS and an Israeli team of expert S/W engineers from the IDF, IIT specializes in developing state of the art systems and products for image exploitation, digital mapping, and GIS.


As a joint venture of BAE SYSTEMS, a world leader in information systems, IIT acts as both a distributor and technical support team for BAE`S products and systems in Israel, including Socet Set, the world premier photogrammetry software. Recognized for its reliability and expertise in S/W development, IIT was chosen to participate in the Socet Set development program at BAE.


Based on its proven expertise, IIT has gained in the last several years the position of a highly regarded research and development center in the areas of photogrammetry and image exploitation. As such, IIT has been chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, to serve as a supplier of choice on several MOD key programs . IIT is presently conducting several prestigious research and development efforts, including Automated Change Detection, and a new approach to photogrammetry known as Feature Based Triangulation (FBT). IIT also develops and supports the Layer Mosaic technology and has started the development of powerful video capabilities for real-time exploitation of digital video images.


In summary, IIT`s strength lies in its unique capabilities in Socet Set, aerial image exploitation, photogrammetry and precision modeling. Its products are easily integrated into other systems, and the company's considerable expertise in image processing and photogrammetry enable it to lead the way in the research and development of today's cutting edge imaging systems.